About Us

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Welcome to Brilliant Title!

Welcome to Brilliant Title!

I’m Julian Maxwell, founder and CEO of Brilliant Title, LLC. 

I’ve overseen nearly every aspect of a title insurance file and have handled everything from large, complex commercial to small residential refinances. 

During my work, I have been told of many things that title companies can improve on in their service to clients.  Better responsiveness, faster service, on-time closings are just a few. 

I founded Brilliant Title on the principle of service, and that is what we provide. 

Some professional history:  I went to New York Law School in historic TRIBECA where I focused on real estate.  After caring for an ill family member for two years, I hit the ground running with the growing division of a national title company.

No matter the task, my focus was always to improve the client’s experience!

When I’m not tirelessly working to make your day brighter, you’ll find me running (I’m especially fond of trail running), biking or gardening. 

How We’re Different

We are passionate to serve YOU!  This passion drives everything we do here at Brilliant, where we constantly strive to delight you with a “brilliant” closing experience!

Here are some real examples of how we are different and what we mean by excellent service: 

Single point of contact

You get a dedicated title professional to manage your file the moment it’s opened until after you get your policy (and beyond, whenever you need us!)  Think of them as your very own title personal assistant.

No more bouncing around from this person to that department.

Your file manager knows title insurance and how to deliver white glove service.  At Brilliant Title, you get the best of the best – professionals serving professionals!

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  • FAST and ACCURATE response times…GUARANTEED!

You will NEVER have to follow up on an email or phone call. No more “…3rd request…” subject lines, no more cc’ing bosses to shake things up. 

We guarantee a real response within 6 business hours…or a box of Krispy Kreme donuts on us!

What this means is that you will either 1) have your question/request resolved or 2) an update on when to expect a resolution.

We want you to have the peace of mind that we will take care of your title and closing needs in a timely and professional manner.

  • Direct communication to ask us ANYTHING

You always get our professionals’ direct email address, work and cell phone numbers.  Our goal is to eliminate frustrating impediments to directly communicating with the professional who will respond to address your question, or resolve your concern or problem. 

Use the communication channel that is right for you.  For some questions, a voice note or text is better than email.  Call us, use WhatsApp, email, or text.  We will respond promptly! 

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Clear pricing

Ever find yourself looking at a title bill and wondering “What are these fees??”

We make our fees simple to understand and clear, so you will be able to explain them to your client, without having to have us explain them to you!

Our mantra is “Clean title, clean title bill,” and if you ever have a question about a quote or bill, just ask.

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Fast, Complete Service

Title insurance services should be professional, fast and complete. 

Some examples of how we work for, even after we are paid:

  • Your recorded documents and title policy will be provided as soon as they are ready!  You won’t have to ask, and certainly won’t have to scramble to obtain the already purchased policy months (or years) after closing.  Our software is designed to notify us when your documents’ recording information is available.  Our system will promptly update your title policy and we will then send it to you. 


  • After we release from escrow to pay off a lien, we proactively work to obtain and record title releases. 
  • Refunds – our system is engineered to notify us of excess funds in your client’s file and to release money as soon as possible.  Your clients won’t need to ask about escrow funds long after closing.  We will track and follow up with you, so your clients receive the escrow money due to them in a timely manner.
  • We advocate for you and your client to obtain the title insurance your client needs.  This includes helping resolve issues raised by lenders, and other impediments to a timely closing.



We look forward to serving you!